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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bench Preview, Lincecum Has Minor Back Issue

As we've done for each projected Giants starting position player, we'll go ahead and make predictions for who we believe will fill out their 5-man bench. Also, after that, we'll take a little Spring Training notes as the Giants have been linked to some players and Timmy has a minor set-back.

Giants Bench Predictions (Updated 3/30/12)

Hector Sanchez
, C: I would have almost guaranteed Boch would have carried one of Whiteside or Stewart before spring, but low and behold, Sanchez raked, and earned his spot. He's not just a bat either, as he played well behind the plate and can throw the ball. Giants pitchers obvioulsy are comfortable with him and that's key to. If Huff struggles again, I'd like to see Sanchez catching a lot, with Posey out at first and maybe Belt out in left. That could be the best offensive team, but we'll see.

2012 Prediction: 89 G, 187 AB's, .262 Avg., 9 HR, 24 RBI, 13 2B, .327 OBP, .465 SLG% (.792 OPS)

Ryan Theriot, IF: As I said in Crawford's preview, I expect Theriot to get his fair share of at-bats at shortstop, and could also see some time at second base too. I liked the Theriot addition and expect him to do his thing in spring and win a roster spot. I also expect him to battle Crawford for at-bats and push the youngster and I'm expecting some numbers from the Cajun. Maybe not power or run production numbers, but the guy can hit and is a better player than Jeff Keppinger is.

2012 Prediction: 102 G, 325 AB's, .278 Avg., 2 HR, 31 RBI, 41 R, 19 2B, 5 3B, .327 OBP, .399 SLG% (.726 OPS)

Nate Schierholtz: Now, I had this slot originally slated for Belt, but it looks like he played his way into the starting lineup at Schierholtz's expense. Still, Nate will play if he's hitting, he just didn't hit during spring, and guys like Gregor Blanco are here now too and he's a guy who will take some ab's away from Schierholtz as well. I'm expecting another typical Nate season though but I think he breaks through with some more average this year and a little more pop.

2012 Prediction:
112 G, 375 AB's, .284 Avg., 12 HR, 42 RBI, 37 R, 21 2B, 4 3B, .320 OBP, .434 SLG% (.754 OPS)

Manny Burris, INF: Another youngster to beat out a vet, like Sanchez did to Whiteside and Stew. Manny had a terrific spring and heads into the year as the teams' starting 2nd basemen until Freddy Sanchez is ready. He could also share time with Ryan Theriot, but I think it's mostly Manny's job unless his bat is horrendous. I think 2012 will be a big year for Burris though, and I think he stays with the big club all year

2012 Prediction:
101 G, 227 AB's, .269 Avg., 2 HR, 14 RBI, 30 R, 18 SB, .334 OBP, .385 SLG% (.719 OPS)

Gregor Blanco, OF:
Basically, the Giants don't really have a true 4th outfielder, so it could fall to Blanco if they don't add anyone else before opening day. Blanco has some speed and can play all 3 outfield positions, but really isn't much at the plate. However, he did hit .283 with 11 steals and a .360 OBP in just over 200 at-bats with Atlanta in 2010 but was in the minors last season. I can see why the Giants inked him as insurance and at the very least to be a call-up in-season if someone goes down to injury. He's also the one guy on the list most likely to not make the team, which again, is why I call these early projections! Still though, Blanco gives you speed and defense and has a streaky bat so do to the Giants need of outfielders, he's got the leg up!

2012 Prediction: 110 G, 310 AB's, .280 Avg., 1 HR, 22 RBI, 42 R, 26 SB, .343 OBP, .364 SLG% (.697 OPS)

Brett Pill, 1B/OF: The Giants carried a 6th bench guy, and still managed to carry a full staff of pitchers to start with, but I'm not sure how long that will last. Pill may only have a limited window of opportunity with Vogey returing on the 15th and Sancehz shortly thereafter (hopefully). Still, Pill should be a key part of the bench throughout the season, and see some significant AB's.

2012 Prediction: 74 G, 182 AB's, .263 Avg., 6 HR, 16 RBI, 18 R, 12 2B, .303 OBP, .407 SLG% (.710 OPS)

Spring Notes: As for on field action, the Giants have been battling a bit of rust and injuries to start things out. Not only is Ryan Vogelsong and Brian Wilson under close watch and Vogey out for 10 days, but now Tim Lincecum is complaining of a stiff back as well. He was held out of workouts Wednesday but the Giants don't expect him to be out long at all and don't consider the injury serious. Other than that, it's still just the pitchers and catchers until players start arriving on Thursday with the first full-squad workout coming Friday, which should be a day filled with rumblings coming out of Scottsdale! Also, Baggs wrote an interesting blog piece today about Manny Burris and Brett Pill, two guys fighting for that 25th spot, but in order for one to make it, they have to have an out-of-this-world spring, or they learn to play some outfield cause the Giants really need guys who can cover some grass in the outfield. They have just three Major League outfielders on their projected 25-man roster, unless they indeed plan on using Blanco, hoping for his 2010 numbers, just like they are with, seemingly, everyone else on the team!
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  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, it's down to Blanco for the backup outfielder? I thought we still had Burrell for some reason? This is not good. Can they get someone else before spring?

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    Pretty much, I mean, Huff and Belt will each be out there some, but neither are outfielders. It's a mystery to me why Sabean was so ignorant to this fact just a month ago when he could have had Cody Ross back for $3M!

    I tell you one thing, this team is a lot better if Cody Ross is the 3rd/4th OF'er with Nate, and right now, they don't have that!


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