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Rumors: Giants looking into Jason Heyward, Josh Harrison

Immediately upon posting our last post a couple days ago, we finally got word of a significant trade rumor regarding the Giants. Finally something to ponder aside from whether or not Troy Tulowitzki wants to come here to be a super utility guy. The talk out of Chicago according to the popular 'Fansided' baseball page,  Call to the Pen , the Giants and Cubs have had discussions surrounding  Jason Heyward, Will Smith and Mark Melancon . The thing with this one is I really don't get this move from the Giants prospective. From the Cubs prospective it makes all the sense in the world. They would get rid of arguably their biggest blunder of the last half decade while shedding some payroll and opening an outfield spot for a potential Bryce Harper signing. They also would really reinforce their bullpen with two plus relievers, both of which have closing experience and are coming off seasons in which they've proven their health. For the Cubs this deal has win-win-win potential

Giants staying quiet through hollidays

I thought we'd see some sort of movement from the Giants by the end of the winter meetings. Something that would help indicate what direction they'll be headed in 2019, but now on the doorstep of the Christmas/New Years period in which nothing significant is likely to happen (though you never know), it could be at least a few more weeks until we get that answer. The Giants have popped up in news recently though, and they did make an addition to their bullpen in a very interesting fashion. San Francisco added switch-pitching reliever , Pat Venditte to the mix on a one-year deal worth just north of the league minimum at $585K. I haven't seen a dollar amount that the Giants will be guaranteeing the 33 year-old, but from everything I seen I do like the addition. It's going to be fun to watch him flip that glove around and throw from both sides next year, but also to see this guy continue to grow despite being in his 30's. Zaidi knows this guy well, as he had him in b

Winter Meetings should be crucial for the Giants

The MLB offseason has really started gaining some steam the last week or so, as the top starter has been taken on the market and a blockbuster trade shook up the NL West. I expect the Giants to get into the action by the time the winter meetings wind up. The big signing thus far has been Patrick Corbin heading east to the Nationals on a 6-year, $140M deal, which is a huge sum for a guy who really is a #2 or #3 starting pitcher on a good staff. This has significance for the Giants because of the Madison Bumgarner rumblings and what this deal does to a possible asking price the Giants would seek in a potential Bumgarner deal. Coming into the offseason I wasn't completely opposed to dealing Bumgarner, but I thought the best time to do so, if they were to go that route, would be at the deadline next season. That's when teams that think they're that one big starter away from a World Series run will pay the extra player or two in order to obtain a player of Bumgarner's tale