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Giants miss out on Story, offense poses questions

After the Giants added Joc Peterson last week, Farhan Zaidi announced that they were content on entering the 2022 season as is, but still would still keep the door "cracked" for possible upgrades.  However, immediately after issuing that statement, it was rumored that the Giants were still in on Trevor Story and were one of four finalists to land the star shortstop. Despite that being floated out there, it just didn't seem like a realistic possibility even if Story was willing to take a short-term deal and hop over to second for a season or two. Apparently the position change idea did not detour him after all, as Story picked Boston and signed a 6 year-deal worth $140 million.  The possibility of adding a player like story was certainly exciting though and it got Giants' twitter going for a few days. No, his home/road splits have not been very good when outside the friendly confines of Coors Field, but you could say the same thing about Nolan Arenado and he ended up b