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Injuries not slowing down the Giants

We're mid-way through June and we've already seen about a season's worth of injuries run through the Giants' clubhouse. However, as the injuries keep popping up, the Giants keep on persevering. Just to give you an idea of how bad it's been healthy wise, the only positional guys who have not hit the injured list or have missed games in bulk this season have been LaMonte Wade Jr. and J.D. Davis. The latter, however, has now missed most of the last week with an ankle sprain. You never like to see players hit the IL, but the reality is, it's part of the game. You have to find a silver lining. That silver lining in the Giants' case this year is that it has prompted the rookies onto the roster, and they have been a driving force in the team's success since mid-May. Luis Matos is the latest top prospect to make his way onto the big league roster, and while he's only appeared in a handful of games thus far, he looks like he could wind up being the most impac