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Current 2022 Giants preview

 We've officially entered 2022 and despite their being no end in sight for this player lockout, spring training workouts are tentatively scheduled to start in 6 weeks. Obviously, the mid-February reporting dates for MLB clubs is in jeopardy of being pushed back if no agreement is made within the next couple weeks, but I'd imagine talks to start heating up here in January. Although the two sides are a ways off in discussions, I don't think anybody wants to risk pushing the season's start date. Once business is back to normal we should expect a flurry of moves similar to what we witnessed at the end of November. The Giants, as they stand now, have at least two big needs that they still would like to address once this thing ends. Those two glaring needs are a top-of-rotation starting pitcher and a middle of the order bat most likely in the form of an outfielder. Of course if the universal DH is brought to the NL like anticipated, it would open up another avenue for them to