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Correa out, Conforto and Rogers in

 It's been quite a stretch of five days for the San Francisco Giants. On Monday, Carlos Correa appeared to be wrapping up his deal with his new club to become the centerpiece of the Giants over the next decade-plus. He even started house shopping in the Bay Area and apparently was very excited to be here. We all know what happened next, however. Well, we know what Scott Boras has told us at least. This story has been so talked about over the last 72 hours that I don't really want to delve into it too much. It seems to me that the Giants inexperience with going through these types of mega-deals bit them a little in the end. I do think they were scared off by something in the medicals and it wasn't just them changing their mind over the week after agreeing to the deal. Again, we may never know the full details of this. You can understand why a team would not want to go forward with a contract of this capacity if they did have legit concerns about the players health. The blund

With Correa in tow, what's next for Giants?

It's been a roller coaster month of December for the Giants and their fans.  They just barely missed out on luring the big fish of the free agent market into town during the Winter Meetings but landed perhaps the better fit just a week later. We've heard a ton over the last week or so how Carlos Correa was a huge get for the Giants and a must-add after they came up short on Judge. No need to go over the optics and explain how important it was for this franchise to get this player. Plain and simple, they now have a 28 year-old superstar shortstop who can rake, play top-end defense, thrives in the spotlight and has the pedigree to improve further as he gets deeper into his prime. Not to mention, the Giants will be paying him an average salary just south of $27 million per year over the course of this contract while the Yankees are paying Judge $40 million.  It was a great move, one I think 95% of the fan base is happy with, but it can't end here. The Giants are still a little

Giants add Manaea, still looking into Correa

Last week was a tough one for the Giants' in terms of their plans and outlook for the upcoming season.  Aaron Judge, the free agent they had pegged to be that face of the franchise they build around into the next half-decade or so, chose to return to the Yankees. That decision, and lack of ability from the Giants' end to woo the premium free agent to the Bay Area yet again has set the fan base into a bit of a frenzy. It was a wild day as the Giants went from on the verge of signing Judge, according to Jon Heyman , to losing him back to the Yankees in a matter of hours. Understandably, Giants' twitter was not happy about the cause of events that took place, and they took it out on Farhan Zaidi and the Giants' front office. However, it can't come as a surprise that Judge chose New York over San Francisco. Even if the Giants offered Judge $400M+ like the Padres supposedly did it wouldn't have mattered. He wanted to go back to NY.  Since the false rumors of a Judge

Giants' pivotal offseason about to set in motion

It's early December, which in Major League Baseball signifies the extremely important winter meetings.  It was believed coming into this week that at least a few of the premiere free agents in this year's class would find new homes throughout the 4-day event in San Diego, and things have really started to pick up Monday. Over the last 72+ hours we've seen Jacob deGrom leave New York for Texas and Justin Verlander leave Houston to replace deGrom in New York. What more or less effects the Giants more though was Trea Turner, the 1A or 1B of the shortstop class, depending on how you look at it, signing with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phills were rumored as front runners coming into the offseason because of their need up the middle and the fact that Trea Turner listed them as one of his top choices. He has a relationship with start outfielder Bryce Harper, the Phillies are fresh off a world series appearance and looked poised to continue to be in the mix for the next few yea

SF clicking early

 No Buster Posey? No Kris Bryant? No Kevin Gausman? So far it's been no problem for the Giants as they've cruised to a 7-2 start and head to New York for their second road series of the season. It's still very early, so it's hard to make any real judgments on the long term potential of this team just yet but as of now, it looks like they haven't missed a beat from that 107 win season a year ago. In fact, I would say there are aspects of this team that are an improvement over last years bunch. First off, of course we have to commend the unit that has propelled this impressive start and that is the starting rotation. Anthony DeSclafini is the only one who's yet to make it out of the fifth inning for his two starts but he looked much better in his second outing on Saturday after getting hit pretty hard by the Marlins at Oracle last week.  Logan Webb and Carlos Rodon have really set the tone atop this rotation though. Webb has gone 14 innings over his two starts, al

Giants wrap up solid first homestand

With four of the six games to kick off the season being decided by 2 or less runs, it's been a familiar start to 2022 for Giants' fans. I just wanted to give a little assessment of the overall home stand. Everything went pretty well and the big offensive explosion on Tuesday night I think alleviated some of the worry about the teams inability to string together hits and keep rally's alive. They're not always going to be able to hit three home runs a night. They have to really cash in on those opportunities with runners in scoring position and they were able to do that enough to go 4-2 on the homestand. And we can't forget, this team is still missing 1/3 of their regular starting lineup, so things should only get better when the reinforcements return. We also can't overlook the fact that they've faced 6 straight very strong pitchers to start this season. The Marlins threw three guys at them who are all top of rotation talents and it didn't get easier with

Starting pitching, Joey Bart bright spots early

Well, say what you want about the Marlins and their lack of expectations in a loaded NL East, this team has some impressive arms in their starting rotation. The Giants have gotten a first hand look at a couple of them to kick off the season. Sandy Alcantara was hitting 100 with crazy movement on opening day. Luckily for the Giants he was a bit wild, which allowed them to generate some base runners and put a few on the board against him before chasing him out after five. They didn't have that same success Saturday afternoon vs. Pablo Lopez. Lopez's stuff, while maybe not impressive with velocity, was maybe tougher on the Giants hitters because he was pinpointing where he wanted throughout his start. He wasn't walking guys, he was getting ahead of hitters and the Giants were never really able to get anything going against him.  They did manage to get a run around on him a single from Thairo Estrada followed by sort of a bloop RBI double from Steven Duggar.  The Giants were ab

Giants miss out on Story, offense poses questions

After the Giants added Joc Peterson last week, Farhan Zaidi announced that they were content on entering the 2022 season as is, but still would still keep the door "cracked" for possible upgrades.  However, immediately after issuing that statement, it was rumored that the Giants were still in on Trevor Story and were one of four finalists to land the star shortstop. Despite that being floated out there, it just didn't seem like a realistic possibility even if Story was willing to take a short-term deal and hop over to second for a season or two. Apparently the position change idea did not detour him after all, as Story picked Boston and signed a 6 year-deal worth $140 million.  The possibility of adding a player like story was certainly exciting though and it got Giants' twitter going for a few days. No, his home/road splits have not been very good when outside the friendly confines of Coors Field, but you could say the same thing about Nolan Arenado and he ended up b

Current 2022 Giants preview

 We've officially entered 2022 and despite their being no end in sight for this player lockout, spring training workouts are tentatively scheduled to start in 6 weeks. Obviously, the mid-February reporting dates for MLB clubs is in jeopardy of being pushed back if no agreement is made within the next couple weeks, but I'd imagine talks to start heating up here in January. Although the two sides are a ways off in discussions, I don't think anybody wants to risk pushing the season's start date. Once business is back to normal we should expect a flurry of moves similar to what we witnessed at the end of November. The Giants, as they stand now, have at least two big needs that they still would like to address once this thing ends. Those two glaring needs are a top-of-rotation starting pitcher and a middle of the order bat most likely in the form of an outfielder. Of course if the universal DH is brought to the NL like anticipated, it would open up another avenue for them to