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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pitchers and Catchers Report

Spring Training 2009 has officially begun for the Giants as pitchers, catchers and various other position players reported to camp on Saturday. There wasn't much going on as today was just the reporting date and the first official workout isn't scheduled until Sunday, but there were a enough tidbits to come up with a small post on reporting day.

Apparently Noah Lowry isn't 100 percent healthy after all as he has reported some shoulder stiffness upon arriving in Scottsdale. The lefty was supposed to be on schedule to take part fully in pitchers workouts on Sunday, but his recent set-back will likely limit any throwing he may do. However, Lowry thinks he'll be fine in due time and also adressed the the questions regarding the starting rotation. He hinted that he would expect a move of some kind if everyone is healthy come April, even a possible trade. There have been whispers of Lowry possibly starting the year off in Fresno as he still has a minor league option left, but I wouldn't count on that happening. However, if Lowry is expecting to be in a starting rotation this season, whether it be the Giants' or another squads, he has to prove himself healthy. Shoulder stiffness shouldn't be taken too seriously with pitchers at the beginning of the spring, but with Lowry it always raises red flags. I will be interested to see exactly what his workload is as workouts get started over the coming days.

It also appears that the Joe Crede watch will be coming to an end. A Giants' front-office member told the Mercs' Andrew Baggerly that he expects Crede to sign with the Twins in the coming days before their players report to camp. It's still not officially dead, but the chances of Crede signing with the Giants are looking slim to none at this point. If Crede doesn't sign though, it doesn't mean the Giants will stop searching for a third basemen. They still don't appear to be fully confident with Pablo Sandoval getting the full-time share at third so some movement could still take place before Opening Day that doesn't involve Joe Crede.
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  • At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can't believe baseball is starting again. I'm stoked. This is my 3rd year as a season ticket holder and hopefully this is the first winning year i get to experience. Can't wait to see Randy Johnson and Tim "Cy Young" Lincecum. The Giants are going to be something this year....I can feel it.

  • At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Bleacher Bum said…

    Ahh Spring Training is here!! I am going to be in Scottsdale from March 13-18th and the Giants will be playing there 4 out of the 5 days. I feel like a kid at Christmas time. Can't wait to see the big unit in the orange and black. That should be a spectacle.

  • At 4:40 AM, Blogger RussL said…

    Officialy baseball season again, oh how I love this time of year. A fresh slate and every team has playoff dreams and big aspirations. Dont love the news on Crede most likely going to the Twins now though. How do we get outbid by them in this market? Maybe we just wont sign a Boras client ever again which would be ok by me.
    So if we carry two catchers(molina,holm) then we can only have six more spots max for infield spots. Pablo,renteria for sure then Manny goes back to AAA to play short so winner of Frandsen/Velez is 3, winner of Ishi/Phelps/Bowker is 4 then do we keep Aurilia and Uribe or just one and does the losers of first and second base get a shot at making it. This was all a long way of getting at I expect Frandsen to get everday starting job at second but I'd love for Velez to find a way on the team as a reserve. I know his defense is atrocious and second base is his only real spot you can try to hide him at but his uberspeed causes havoc and is great for our ballpark. Nothing more exciting than watching genio run after ripping one into a gap.

  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger rxmeister said…

    The Crede thing also could just be posturing by the Giants. Show a little disinterest and bring Boras back to the table under your terms. Schulman came out later in the day and said that the Giants are still talking to Boras about Crede, so Baggarly could be wrong here as well, or just talking to different people. I read somewhere that Sandoval was only taking grounders at first base on Sunday, and you would think if he's going to be the starting third baseman he needs to be over there as much as possible.


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