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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sanchez Has Surgery, Again

Freddy Sanchez finally started to show what he can do for a team when he's healthy with a nice 2nd half and solid performance in the playoffs, but once again, the Giants fragile 2nd basemen has gone under the knife.

Sanchez had surgery on his left-shoulder to remove a bad tendon, a procedure identical to the one he underwent last winter. That one, he had later on the in the offseason though, and it kept him on the DL until late May. The Giants are hoping he'll be ready for opening day after the operation was deemed successful, but they are expecting him to be behind in his spring training work, and may not get into many Cactus League games. That said, Brian Sabean said Tuesday night that the Giants would not be pursuing 2nd basemen in the free agent market, and that Mike Fontenot and Mark DeRosa would cover for Sanchez if he did miss any regular season time. Although this news may not require him to go after another second basemen, I think it's pretty clear now that the Giants want to add to their infield depth by getting someone who's familiar at shortstop and they've apparently targeted a few guys. They've expressed interest in free agent Orlando Cabrera, and have also talked to the Tigers about utility infielder Ramon Santiago. Both of those guys are better defenders than Tejada, and would be fine additions to the bench. Santiago has a little more versatility, but I Cabrera has started all his career, and regardless of the age difference, I think he's a better all around player.

The Giants are also in the market for another starting pitcher, not a big named guy like Cliff Lee or anything, but someone who they could use like they did Todd Wellemeyer last year, as a spot starter/long relief option (they're calling it a "6th starter"), and I don't think that's such a bad idea. As solid as the Giants starting rotation is, they don't have a bunch of depth in that area as of now. If somebody were to go down with injury, the Giants wouldn't have a clear-cut option who could come in and start games for them right out of the chute. Former Marlin lefty Andrew Miller visited the Giants' suite at the meetings last night, so he could be a realistic target for Sabean to fill that role, but I was hoping for someone a little better than Miller. Kevin Corriea wouldn't have been a bad option, but he just signed with Pittsburgh. Jarrod Washburn, Jeromy Bonderman and Jeff Francis could all be viable options for that role as well if they're willing to accept a relief job out of the gate. I don't think the Giants should invest a lot of money into this, but I do think it's necessary given the lack of depth after their starting 5.
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  • At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Andrew Miller? Please no!
    Although, he is still kinda young, and the fact that he's like 6'8" could be a intimidating factor. On a minor league deal, OK, but noway a ML deal. The Giants are World Champs, they don't need that guy so I hope he was just in their suite to say hello and not discuss a contract.

    I hear Renteria could be back too. That would be cool as a utility guy.. I like Orlando Cabrera too. It seems like that guy wins everywhere he goes, so he'd be a great addition as a backup shortstop, better than Renteria I think.

  • At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Giants look pretty good. DeRosa will be like adding another bat. He's actually a really good hitter, just never got healthy. If G fans liked Huff and Ross, DeRosa is right along those lines. They just didn't see enough of him in '10. I know it's still early, but I like the Giants in the whole NL right now, still.
    A+ for Sabean.


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