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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Biggest Need: Relievers, Starter or Outfielder?

We're still over a month away from MLB's non-waiver trading deadline, but with the Giants battling injuries left and right, and the team sinking in the standings, they may not have the luxury of waiting it out to see what kind of bargain they can find.

The reigning world champs certainly haven't looked the part lately. They've gone 9-13 in June and there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of help on the way. Just as their starting pitching has started turning things around to a certain extent, the offense and bullpen have started to nose-dive. Losing Angel Pagan for what could be the remainder of the season creates a huge void in the Giants outfield and starting lineup. Gregor Blanco has really caught fire this month, and appears capable of holding down the leadoff spot in Pagan's absence, but that creates a new hole over in left field, where Andres Torres just doesn't appear capable of handling the everyday duties. Now a team that was in desperate need of another arm, or three, could really use another outfielder as well. They may decide to stand pat with their offense, but with the way they've been struggling to score runs lately, including throughout their most recent pitiful 7-game homestand vs. the Marlins and Padres, the need for outside help is looking more and more necessary. When it comes to the outfielders that are openly available on the trade market there just aren't that many names that intrigue you, especially when you consider the Giants don't have a whole lot of trade ammo to work with. I do like Alex Rios, but only if the White Sox agreed to eat some of his $12.5M salary for 2014.

So, what should the team that could use help in multiple areas prioritize as the trade deadline nears? My guess would be whatever area they could improve upon without parting with too many prospects, most likely the bullpen. With the pressure of trying to defend their world series tittle, I just can't see the Giants standing pat and attempting to ride this thing out with their current cast, but they also have so many holes that it's un-realistic to expect all of them to be filled by July 31st. There have been rumblings lately of the Giants zeroing in on Miami's Ricky Nolasco, but he looks like he's going to be a sought after arm this trade season and I'm not sure he'd be a significant difference maker. I really do like Matt Garza, who's also available, but his injury issues raise a red flag, not to mention he'd probably cost a few of their top prospects to obtain from Chicago. I just don't know if I can see this team bringing in another starting pitcher that will make enough of a difference to warrant trading for (Cliff Lee ain't happening). Starters, especially decent ones, always are the most expensive to come by during trade season. Then there's also the fact that they'll hopefully be getting a healthy Vogelsong and Gaudin back in the next few weeks. A lot can change between now and then, but I think a deal for a mid-tier right-handed outfielder with some pop, and maybe a reliever or two is much more plausible than overpaying for an average starting pitcher. 
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  • At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What about K-Rod and Gallardo from Milwaukee? That would pretty much solve our bullpen and starting pitching problems I think.

  • At 11:23 PM, Anonymous hitnrun said…

    I do not think that Sabean and Bochy even are considering an outfielder replacement. They are almost stubborn in thinking that the pitching will improve, and that the Giants can still squeek by winning 2 to 1 games the rest of the season. Unfortunately their staff still stinks and is injury riddled, and the run support has disappeared. The team needs a big spark, as they almost seem to be playing games like they expect to lose. The team does not have enough resources to bring in more than one or two fringe players at best, and by the time Sabean reacts it may be too late.

  • At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We need a lot of things, which is why I believe we should consider moving guys like Pence, Scutaro, some of our bullpen, to rebuild for next year around our core pieces of Posey, BUM, Cain, Crawford, and Belt. Everyone else should be expendable if we can get some value in return..... It is obvious we have nothing in the minors that is ready, we are playing guys like Quiroz, Torres, Abreu, etc..... With Cain and Bum, we still have a top tier 1-2 for at least the next 5 years, we can compete as long we update the supporting cast (OF, 3B, bullpen)


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