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Saturday, January 25, 2014

GBB's 2014 Giants Top-20 Prospects: 11-20

In what's shaping up to be one of the quietest wind downs to an offseason in recent memory, it's been tough to come by intriguing topics to talk about. However, with Spring Training less than a month away and things bound to start heating up soon, I figured we'd take a glance down at the farm and check out some names we may become more familiar with in the next year.

Here are the Giants top prospects, number 11-20, as we see them in 2014:

20) Adam Duval, 2B: The 25 year-old has more home runs than any other player in the Giants organization over the last 3 years, and although he's getting a little up their in age to be considered an elite prospect, he looks like he could very well become a useful role player at the big league level in the next year or two. He's sort of the middle infield version of Brett Pill, although I'd like to see his average take a spike.

2013 Line: 385 AB's, .258, 17 HR, 55 RBI, .785 OPS (AA Richmond)

19) Josh Osich, LHP: After a terrific start in San Jose, the 25 year-old Osich had some hiccups in AA Richmond in the second half of 2013. Still, he's left-handed with a solid repertoire and is on a short list of possible relievers who could contribute to the big club in 2014. Look for him to start in AAA Fresno.

2013: 56 G, 70 IP, 5-4, 3.47 ERA, 76 K, 22 BB, 15 S, 1.14 WHIP (A+, AA)

18) Angel Villalona, 1B: Once the organizations top-prospect, Villalona hasn't quite found his stroke since rejoining the Giants after legal troubles kept him away from the team for 2 years. He's still got as much power as ever (22 HR in 2013), but his contact rate and batting average need a spike. At 23, he's still got some time to get everything figured out though. It should be very interesting to see how his bat holds up for a full year in Richmond, though he could make his way up to Fresno before the years done.

2013: 480 AB's, .231 avg.,111 hits, 22 hr, 70 rbi, .701 OPS (A+, AA)

17) Ryder Jones, 3B: The Giants 2nd pick in the 2013 draft gets this slot based mostly on potential upside. He did hit .317 in rookie ball, but has some work to do with his approach at the plate and his power has yet to really develop. He'll be someone I watch closely in 2014 though as he's likely slated to start in Salem.

2013: 145 AB's, .317 avg., 46 hits, 1 hr, 18 rbi, .794 OPS (Rookie League)

16) Gary Brown, CF: Speaking of former top-prospects, Brown was rated number one in the organization as recent as 2011, but has dropped significantly after two sub-par years. Now at age 25, the 2014 season has become extremely pivotal as it will likely signify whether Brown will make himself relevant again, or start down the path towards becoming a career minor-leaguer. In order for him to bounce back, he's got to re-discover his strike zone and has to improve his base-running.

2013: 558 AB's, 129 hits, 79 runs, .231 avg., 13 HR, 50 RBI, 17 SB, .660 OPS (AAA Fresno)

15) Joe Panik, 2B: Much like Brown, Panik has seen his stock fall the last couple of years, although he grades out better because he's younger and a little more polished than Brown. He didn't tear up the Eastern League in 2013, but he was adequate, and will have some expectations in Fresno for 2014. If he starts the year on a tear, he could make his way to the big club at some point in this season.

2013: 522 AB's, 134 hits, 64 runs, .257 avg., 4 hr, 57 rbi, 10 SB, .680 OPS (AA Richmond)

14) Joan Gregorio, RHP: Gregorio is intriguing for a number of reasons. He's got that intimidating size at 6'7", and has very good command to go with plus stuff. He hasn't quite put up the numbers yet to make him a top-10 guy in my mind, but he's more than capable of doing so. I expect the 22 year-old to thrive in San Jose in 2014, like many other Giants' starters have done the past few years.

2013: 14 G, 69 IP, 6-3, 4.00 era, 84 k, 17 bb, 1.17 WHIP (A Augusta) 

13) Kendry Flores, RHP: While he doesn't quite posses the quality of stuff that Keury Mella does, Flores has the some of the best control in the Giants system. He walked just 17 in over 140 innings of work last season and kept improving as the season went on. All of the sudden, he's pushing top-10 prospect status and many think he's already made it. It should be interesting to see how the hitting friendly California League treats him in 2014, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the 22 year-old rocket through the system based on that uncanny command.

2013: 22 G, 141 IP, 10-6, 2.73 era, 137 k, 17 bb, 0.92 WHIP (A Augusta)

12) Keury Mella, RHP: The 20 year-old has done nothing but impress since the Giants signed him two years ago, and looks like he's ready to gain some real attention in 2014. He's already got good stuff, with a fastball that hits the mid-90's and a sharp-breaking slider, and he should only improve those, while adding others to his arsenal, over the next few years. Could start 2014 in Salem or Augusta, although San Jose could be in his very near future.

2013: 10 G, 36 IP, 3-2, 2.25 era, 41 k, 11 bb, 1.25 WHIP (Rookie League)

11) Derek Law, RHP: Rounding out our 11-20 countdown at 11 is the Giants' new top-rated reliever. In my mind, Heath Hembree is going to be a Giant, if not to begin 2014, shortly thereafter, so Law now takes the reigns as the best short-reliever in the minor league system. He had an absolute breakout 2013 campaign, thriving at all three stops and especially stood out in San Jose. Just take a look at his '13 numbers below. It wouldn't surprise me to see the 23 year-old closing at some point for Fresno in 2014, and very well could make his big league debut by seasons end should he keep up last year's pace.

2013: 46 G, 66 IP, 5-3, 2.31 era, 102 k, 12 bb, 14 sv, 0.95 WHIP (RL, A, A+)

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  • At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Totally forgot about Villalona. Can't believe that guys still only 23. I remember when he was supposed to be the next Big Cat like 6 years ago, maybe he can still re-discover that. He still young enough.


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