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Monday, December 01, 2008

Giants Watching Arbitration Closely

Monday, December 1st at 9 pm pacific marks the deadline for teams to offer their free agents arbitration. There was already word out of Detroit early in the day that the Tigers would not be offering Edgar Renteria arbitration, meaning any team could sign him without forfeiting one of their top draft picks. This move comes as a surprise to few as the Tigers bought Renteria out of his contract last month and it was pretty clear that his time in Detroit was over. Now the speculation should start flying again as the Giants have supposedly already been exchanging contract proposals with the 33 year-old shortstop. The team is still expected to be in on Rafael Furcal, but as I stated in my last post, those chances seem to be dwindling by the day and now that Renteria is officially "free" coupled with the fact that Sabean likes to strike quickly could mean that Renteria has moved onto the top of the Giants wish list of shortstops. I'm still not at all sold on Renteria and I still would rather see them put money into Furcal, as risky as that could be, than put big money into Renteria. San Jose Mercury's Andrew Baggerly reported that a Giants medical staff member told him that Furcal is "tough to recommend because of the years he wants" regarding his back injury. What's to say Renteria won't be just a risky, either with in-effectiveness or injury? He's getting older too and plays one of the most demanding positions on the diamond. The only advantage he has going for him is that he wants less years and that's not a good reason to sign someone. I still think Furcal is the better player, a bigger risk, but a superior player and I'd still rather see them sign him if the contract demands aren't too outrageous (3 yr. $37.5 million would be ideal).

The Giants will also be watching the Arizona Diamondbacks closely as they decide what they are going to do with second basemen, Orlando Hudson, and reliever, Juan Cruz. The Giants could realistically have their middle infield set by the end of the week if Hudson isn't offered Arbitration. If they sign Renteria, it would still leave them money left to pursue another player such as Hudson to help fill out their infield as he's been another player they've been linked to. I am weary of that as well because Hudson's offensive game would be eaten alive by AT&T Park as he's never homered and has only 3 extra base hits in 89 career plate appearances there. His splits show that he's clearly been aided by the "BOB" over his years in Arizona. Cruz could be out of the Giants price range (Could be looking for 3 yr. $20 million deal/or to close), but he is the best set-up pitcher in free agency and they have also had their eye on him. Sabean has ignored the bullpen over the last couple of off-seasons and he may finally be realizing his mistake. He already added Jeremy Affeldt the day after free agents could sign, and landing Cruz would certainly make the Giants bullpen one of the tougher ones in the league. Remember, they already have their all-star closer in Brian Wilson and a few young set-up guys in Sergio Romo, Merkin Valdez, Alex Hinshaw and the newly signed Affeldt. Add a Juan Cruz and this group will be set. If Cruz is un-attainable, Kyle Farnsworth wouldn't be a bad consolation.
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  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't understand the interest in Hudson. Renteria actually makes a little sense even though I agree that Furcal is better.

  • At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Greatness said…

    Why won't they get CC? I heard he was at the Warriors game the other night, maybe he's secretly visiting the Giants!!! That would be awesome.

  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    giants just signed bob howry.


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